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Infotec Kft. is selling the development project.

All the related software elements, domain names, websites, along with the administration interface and the full source code of the apps are for sale. For more details, write to us by using the Contact form on this website.


How it works


The myVocabulary app and companion website helps you with language learning and makes it easier to practice on your own.

Its purpose is to provide a playful way to practice the words, word pairs and sentences that you encounter during learning. Learn on the go by using your phone or tablet!

The app lets you to practice a language by using either your own dictionaries that you've created and updated over time, or public or shared dictionaries made by others.

You can use multiple dictionaries with different difficulty levels, subject matters or language pairs.

Bring your glossary with you and practice words while traveling, waiting or whenever you have free time. Dictionaries downloaded in the app are available offline and do not require an Internet connection to use.

The app is closely connected to the website. Users of the website can create and manage their own dictionaries.

Creating an account is free and required to use the site.
Public dictionaries made by others can be downloaded and used in the app even without an account.

Public dictionary

Users registered on can create public dictionaries that are available for everyone.
In the current version, these public dictionaries are available for everyone for free.
We recommend making public dictionaries for language schools or publishers.

Shared dictionary

Depending on the user’s permissions, people can share their private dictionaries with other users. These dictionaries are not listed as public.
The owner of a dictionary can decide who can download or even edit the dictionary.
For example, shared dictionaries can be used by language teachers and study groups to manage a glossary together.

Private dictionary

All registered users can create their own private dictionaries.
You can add new words to a private dictionary from the app as well.

About the app

About the website

How to use the website

Creating an account on the website is free. Users can create as many private dictionaries as they like. The dictionaries created on the website can be downloaded in the app on both Android and iOS.

Additionally, the website makes it easier to share and publish dictionaries, rate dictionaries and manage feedback.


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You need an account to create and modify dictionaries in the My dictionaries menu.



After logging in and clicking on My dictionaries, click on the New button in the top right corner to create a dictionary.



First, you have to choose a name for your dictionary, then specify the primary and the secondary languages, as well as the dictionary’s type. You can provide a description of your dictionary to summarize what subject matter is covered in it.



After saving, the dictionary is ready to be filled with words and sentences.


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